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Slight deviations in traditional circular mounting holes or protruding motor shafts are extremely difficult to detect which magnify pitch and tracking variances, a major cause of vibrations and unstable flights. A matching video receiver, located next to the pilot or cameraman, receives the video signals. MPV Real-Time, Headless Mode, soma X5SW wife MPV 2.4Ghz 4CH AC Quadcopter with CD Camera. Oh let’s not forget to add the telemetry and video transmitter to the payload $200. The protection cage will keep the copter`s electronic equipment safe. High tensile strength spring loaded connectors that stand up to repetitive insertions is a lifesaver when it comes to trouble shooting and change motors or ESCs. AC CARBON Faber Y-6 920mm holdable Air Frame This coaxial Y-6 air frame is part of our new professional products line, which was designed and tested within last three months. Video stability and flight time with this larger payload require a big quad copters with 12” propellers e.g. Bypassing the weight and slack of unstable under-mounted gimbalss platforms, Matrix's gimbal is mounted directly on the main frame to prevent oscillation from surfacing.


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Drone Cubes Become Flying, 3-D Pixels : Discovery News

Francis Leroy/Hemis/Corbis Aerial surveys are an important componet of monitoring the endangered sandhill crane. Winfried Wisniewski/Corbis Scientists can quickly and cheaply send a UAV into the stratosphere to measure ozone levels. Corbis View Caption + Drones have also been used by animal-rights advocates to determine if illegal hunting is taking place. Mike Watson/moodboard/Corbis Hard-to-reach disaster zones could be assessed quickly from the air. Sanjib Mukherjee/Reuters/Corbis View Caption + Aerial views of the environment can keep city park officials aware of suspicious activities such as illegal dumping. G.J. McCarthy/Dallas Morning News/Corbis In the 2014 Disney animated movie Big Hero 6, our hero Hiro (see what they did there?) invents cube-shaped microbots that swarm and link together to create virtually any object, shape or machine. In science fiction, the concept of swarming, hivemind nanobots isnt new , but Disney transformed the idea into some of the coolest animated effects of the year. Were not quite at the stage of swarming microbots yet, but researchers at Queens University in Ontario, Canada, are heading in that direction. The team has created a fleet of flying 3-D pixels powered by quadcopter drones encased in lightweight cubes.

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