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drone dji They are selling hobby-grade equipment the problem is they arent emphasizing education or safety, Mike Fortin, the CEO of CineDrones, told TheBlaze. I almost think it kind of breeds an irresponsibility because it opens up the floodgates. Fortin said he considers it a good thing when a large company like Amazon or Google highlights multicopters or drones, because it gets drones out there to the public and increases awareness, but he fears more drones in public hands without proper training or education could hurt the overall industry. There is no doubt that interest in drones is going to continue to grow, everybody and every company that has the ability or desire to make money in this way is going to try and jump into the arena, he said, and I think its great, I mean you can even buy smaller versions of these multicopters at Walmart for $30, and theyll go 50 feet away and thats it, they are for children. But people who shop on Amazon have a little more money and they are going to be a little more irresponsible. Fortin pointed out that a majority of drone events that have been covered in the news in recent months have been pulled off using DJI Phantoms, the brand highlighted on the front of Amazons Drone Store. It is undoubtedly the most popular multirotor/drone out there from people flying them by the Brooklyn Bridge, to flying them over the U.S. Open , they are multiplying daily and they are being sold with reckless abandon to anyone with $500-$1,000 dollars, he said. Fortin said his main concern is making sure buyers get some kind of education before taking their newly purchased toys to the sky. There is no educational requirement; as fun as these things are, there are people who are going to get in trouble and there is this entire industry that has this impending doom and a black cloud over its head because there are people out there flying these things with no regard to safety, he said. Amazons site does include links to some safety sites; the Drone Stores front page includes a hot link dubbed Fly Responsibly , which connects users to the Association for Unmanned Vehicle Systems page and the Federal Aviation Administrations UAS frequently asked questions website.

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