Level-headed Multicopters & Their Amazing Uses

1. Politics In Sports, How Drones Helped To Send A Message. 

 Serbia and Albania were once playing a qualifying soccer match. Such was the rivalry the Albanians were not allowed inside the Serbian soccer stadium. As a result, one pro-Albanian joker though it was a great idea to fly his aircraft over and above the stadium during the middle of the game. 

 Attached to the drone was an pro-Albanian flag, but added a twist to it in order to get a reaction by the opposing Serbians. The flag had a map of “Greater Albania”, which included Serbia. 

 The Serbian soccer players were so outrages, they tore up the flag and a brawl started. 

 2. Narcotics Following Amazon’s Business Model 

As we know, Amazon are still working on their delivering of goods via the use of drones, but there is still a long way to go as this is still currently illegal to do. 

 However, this hasn’t stopped criminal from using the same business model to deliver their contraband goods to their prison buddies through the air. For example, in Canada, a drone was spotted by guards flying overhead and dropping off a mysterious package in the prison yard but nothing was found. Throughout recent years there have been successful and unsuccessful deliveries reported around the world. 

 As a result, drones are increasingly being used by the drug trade to smuggle narcotics across borders. However, due to drone’s limited range and limit to how much weight they can carry, this is not proving successful for drug lords. 
This hasn’t stop the drug trade from trying it though as on January 20, 2015, a drone carrying 6lbs worth of drugs crashed close to the San Diego / Tijuana border, with authorities saying this has happened more than once. 

 3. Dad Builds Drone To Look Out For Family Member 

We often ask if technological inventions are a necessity or simply laziness for humanity… we let you decide how you feel about it with this story. Paul Wallich (a father) decided to build his own drone to watch out over his son when walking 400 yards to the bus stop during the cold winter months. 

 Although claiming he would rather not do that and that until battery lives are to be improved, he would have to make the walk with him… which begs the question of “Is technology a necessity or pure laziness”. 

The story has provoked mixed signals by viewers, but I guess we can say the intension is a good one (or is it)?

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