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rc drones

In Ireland, All RC and Drones Over 1kg To Be Registered - Slashdot

I decided right then that, when it comes to drones, the English language has failed us. Drone is a scary word, and these days, its a word used specifically to scare. No matter your position on the validity of governments using unmanned aerial vehicles, drone conjures up images of stealthy, lightning-fast aircraft, winged automatons capable of spying or killing with equal alacrity. A local government or private citizen with a remote controlled airplane sounds harmless, or at least relatively innocent. Give them a drone, however, and they sound sinister. Thats not to say that all federal drone use is bad or that no harm can be wrought by a guy with an RC plane. However, when national news outlets breathlessly reported earlier this year that a drone had crashed on White House grounds, my thoughts immediately went to the scary kind. Had a Predator UAV, complete with payload, fallen to earth just feet from the presidents bedroom? No. It was just a guy whod lost control of his little quad-copter, but Guys quad-copter bites it near White House isnt as compelling of a headline. You can look up the meaning of a word in the dictionary, but most language has implicit connotations beyond what youll find in Websters.

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